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Computational Drug Delivery

Formulation design at unprecedented speed. Our computational drug delivery technology reduces controlled release development time and speeds decision points for your key compounds in weeks rather than months or years.

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Long-Acting Injectable Pipeline

We have a pipeline of optimized controlled release formulations available for licensing. These internal programs leverage off-patent APIs and PLGA microspheres, and address multiple indications and durations.

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QbD Formulation Analysis

Using algorithms that understand how variations in material stocks and critical attributes impact release performance, QronoMetrics™ evaluates of the quality of existing formulations, however they were designed.

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In Silico (Qrono) vs In Vivo (Internal & Published) Correlation


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Qrono Delivers — Let’s talk about your formulation needs!

Pharma R&D has only a limited window to demonstrate that promising compounds can be formulated to product specification. Yet most delivery technologies require successive iterations of design, in vitro and in vivo testing for formulation validation. Experimentally-designed formulations with good in vitro results often behave differently in vivo. Or formulations that do pass clinical trials have consistency problems during manufacturing scale up. Qrono’s computational drug delivery technology can help you avoid or overcome these challenges. Qrono has leveraged this technology to create a pipeline of new long-acting medicines with improved therapeutic and pharmacoeconomic benefits in anti-psychotics, infectious disease, oncology, endocrinology, and medical countermeasures.

Contact us today to discuss how Qrono can help you to rapidly evaluate your long-acting product, or to license our pre-validated long-acting formulations.

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