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Combining pharma, formulation and algorithm design to
build the smartest specialty pharma / delivery company

Qrono reformulates FDA approved drugs and creates long-acting injectable (LAI) medications with improved clinical and economic benefits. Our product pipeline focuses on therapeutic areas where LAIs offer high therapeutic and economic value, such as high non-adherence, or solving specific drug delivery challenges.

Using our computational drug delivery software, we can design LAIs much faster than the legacy practice and with reduced regulatory and technical risk. We further reduce risk since we are starting with FDA approved drugs that have known safety, known efficacy, and known market success. We use the accelerated FDA 505(b)(2) regulatory process that enables regulatory approvals 3X as fast at 1/3 the cost of new drug applications.

Qrono is a pioneer in applying our proprietary computational drug delivery technology, called QronoMetrics™, to develop these long-acting drug formulations significantly faster than current practice. We can achieve the optimal design up to 95% faster than current best practice while significantly reducing regulatory and technical risk.

Qrono offers significant value to our customers and the medical community:

Improved adherence rates, better outcomes, and reduced side effects for patients;
Faster time-to-market (worth up to many $100 MM’s in patent protected revenue);
Reduced formulation development costs ($500K – $1MM);
Reduced active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) costs (up to 60% less API);
Reduced regulatory risk;
Reduced manufacturing scale-up risk; and
Significantly reduced risk of formulation performance problems or failure.

Management Team

Advisory team experienced in startups, drug delivery, regulatory, licensing, and pipeline.
  • Larry Zana
    Larry Zana CEO

    Larry Zana, MS, is a serial entrepreneur (5th start-up) and has comprehensive senior management experience in engineering, product development, sales and marketing, and operations. Mr. Zana has more than 20 years of commercialization experience including biotech / pharma. He led development of the world’s first commercial high content screening instrument, which now plays a major role in drug discovery with more than 400 units sold worldwide.

  • Sam Rothstein, PhD
    Sam Rothstein, PhD CSO and Co-founder

    Sam Rothstein is the lead inventor of the technology and has more than 37 publications / presentations in this area. He has been developing deterministic predictive models for more than 10 years, and has validated our technology on more than 80 formulations across more than 40 active agents and 9 different polymers. He has developed and produced more than 10 distinct controlled-release medications and vaccines.

  • Dan Seitam, MBA
    Dan Seitam, MBA VP Finance (Advisory)

    Technology executive that has held several C-level leadership positions (CEO, COO, CFO) across a variety of technology startups. He co-founded three companies and has worked in multiple industries that include healthcare IT, business analytics, embedded software for consumer products, wired / wireless broadband systems and storage software. Mr. Seitam earned his MBA from Emory University and a BSBA in Accounting from Robert Morris University.

Advisory Board

Our advisors bring extensive pharma experience & business strategy
  • Steven Little, PhD
    Steven Little, PhD Co-founder and Consultant

    Steven Little, PhD, was trained at MIT by Dr. Bob Langer, the founder of the field of drug delivery. He is currently Professor and Dept. Chair at the Univ. of Pittsburgh and was awarded the prestigious 2012 Young Investigator Award from the Society of Biomaterials. He is the elected Chair, Drug Delivery Special Interest Group, Society for Biomaterials, and has 44 peer-reviewed publications, 8 patent applications (4 issued), and 28 invited talks.

  • Darren Wolfe, PhD
    Darren Wolfe, PhD CEO, PeriphaGen

    Executive and molecular biologist with 20 years of experience in biotechnology, plus inventor of the Neuronal Therapeutics platform. Dr. Wolfe was President of Diamyd, Inc. where he directed business development, clinical, legal, and financial activities. Most recently he founded PeriphaGen Inc., a biopharmaceutical company developing first-in-class neuronal gene delivery products for neurologic disorders. Dr. Wolfe has over 60 scientific publications and directs business activities, financing, and product development for PeriphaGen.

  • James Nolan
    James Nolan Former CEO, I.P.D.

    Life science entrepreneur involved with a number of startups. He is the former CEO of the Institute for Drug Discovery, the first contract research organization offering drug discover services. Prior to that he led the Pharmaceutical R&D for Dow Chemical.

  • Christopher Hoover
    Christopher Hoover Life Science Marketing

    Providing strategic direction and brand development for life science companies, Mr Hoover has held management roles in drug delivery, high throughput genomics, wireless health (IoT), and molecular biology companies.

Qrono Facilities

Formulation laboratory and computing facilities are situated

in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We are conveniently located

close to East Coast pharma and biotech headquarters (Eastern Time Zone).

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