Let's design great medicines together.

Rapidly explore long-acting injectable feasibility for nearly any API.

Our model is to form collaborations with Partners to develop and commercialize our products. We license our products to these Partners in exchange for milestone payments and modest royalties.  Qrono supports flexible business models to maximize the benefit and minimize the risk for our partners.

Our technology is applicable across many indication areas, administration sites, drug durations and molecule types.  Due to our ability to compress feasibility, formulation design time and cost, we work with Pharmaceutical, Generics, Biotech partners.

Qrono can support our Partners with identification of manufacturing & supply CROs, development transition, patent protection strategies, and other functions as needed.

Our computational drug delivery technology allows us to also cost-effectively work with Academic researchers, providing unprecedented access to customized drug delivery.

Typical project steps:

  1. Execution of a confidentiality agreement
  2. Agree on drug product specifications
  3. Perform feasibility analysis with QronoMetrics
  4. Establish Proof-of-Principal project
  5. Partner validates candidate formulation(s)
  6. Term sheet agreement
  7. Formulation Optimization
  8. Perform QbD Analysis

Let’s see how we can optimize your most urgent compounds.

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