(as well as peptide, protein, Ab, and viral cargos)


Qrono has transformed the design of long-acting, controlled release formulations from a time consuming, expensive and risky process based on heuristics and experimentation to a fast, predictable, engineering-minded approach. Using QronoMetrics™, our proprietary, predictive modeling technology, we help you accelerate the next generation of long acting, controlled release medications in record time.

QronoMetrics™ Overview



Long Acting Release:
migrating from in vitro to in silico

QronoMetrics™ software accurately predicts the in vitro and in vivo release performance of poly(lactic-co-glycolic) acid (PLGA) microparticles and other biodegradable polymer matrices for up to six months or more.   Because this software can optimize drug release prior to experimentation, it is an order of magnitude faster and more effective than the industry standard design of experiments (DoE) approach.

QronoMetrics™ Inputs & Outputs


The predictive power of QronoMetrics™ software comes from a unique combination of proprietary algorithms, deterministic material models, and empirical data libraries. This combination provides a quantifiable certainty to its results backed by more than 100 experimentally tested formulations.   Automated routines built atop this platform accurately map:

  1. In vitro release of novel and proven drugs or biomolecules
  2. Pharmacokinetics for reformulation or repurposing applications
  3. Critical Quality Attributes for Quality by Design (QbD) production.
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