Particles. Coatings. Implants.

Custom Formulation Products

Qrono’s formulations deliver drugs or biologics over days, weeks or months, all according to QronoMetrics™ predictions.

  • Injectable particles: nano- to micro-scale polymer particles for systemic or localized delivery of drugs or biologics
    • Microparticle depots: engineered to establish intramuscular or subcutaneous depots in vivo and provide predicted local drug distributions and pharmacokinetic profiles.
    • Passively targeted particles:  microparticles sized for rapid phagocytosis by macrophages and dendritic cells and engineered for specific release profiles in intracellular compartments
  • Thin film coatings:  deliver active agents directly from a device surface.  Micron to millimeter thick, engineered for uniform or gradient release.
  • Matrix implants: millimeter to centimeter scale polymer matrices for easy delivery into surgical cavities and at atopic sites (surface wounds, eyes, etc.)

QronoMetrics™software works with proven safe, efficacious materials:

  • Polyesters: poly(lactic-co-glycolic) acid, polylactide, and polyglycolide
    • Strongest track-record of FDA approval among biodegradable, bioresorbable polymers
    • Lifespans of days, weeks, months, or years
    • Work for delivery of small molecules, peptides, proteins, and viruses

Our software can also successfully predict release performance for polyanhydrides, poly ortho-esters, poly caprolactones and poly urethanes.

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